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  • Background

Green Initiative

Protection of nature, conservation of natural resources and the fight against pollution have been taken up by the college as high priority issues for civic engagement. 'Go green' campaign launched in the year 2010 helped not only to vegetate the campus but to create awareness among the entire college community.

Waste management and waste reduction were given special attention as part of the observations. Sensitisation programmes for water conservation has been another area of interface with the public Sensitisation programmes.

The premises of the college are declared plastic free and efforts are being made to create awareness to protect the backwatersThe Green India Initiative taken up by Jawahar lal Nehru Memorial PG College intend to achieve through this "Green College Initiative" that students of or college can learn sustainability by living it every day at college, so that when they leave college; these ideas will have become a part of the way they think and approach life. They will take these ideas home and into the workplace when they are appointed at any government or non-government organization.

Through Green Initiative every students,employees and teachers can learn how to implement in our daily needs through conserving natural resources.